The AECOsim Building designer provides information-rich models to develop, simulate, analyze, and document buildings. The powerful software is a single application that includes capabilities to design architectural, structural and electrical systems and for construction documentation. The application is widely used across the construction industry by professionals to take informed business decisions all over the world.

  • It helps the users lower project costs, saves time, reduces project risks.
  • It enhances overall project quality.
  • Offers high return on investments.

Course Objectives

The course will help the students and professionals to learn and understand the concepts for building design using AECOsim. The powerful course assists the students to master industrial designing practices and acquire expertise.

Role in the Industry

  • It is a widely used multi-discipline Building Information Modeling (BIM) application.
  • The Bentley’s federated approach helps distributed teams of any size to work simultaneously in a single model.
  • Supports projects from multiple disciplines to generate valuable information.

Course Highlights

The course comprises of different modules to help students learn the capabilities of AECOsim. Some of them are:

  • Intelligent conceptual mass Modeling
  • Collaboration to coordinate designs
  • Federated approach for simplified modeling
  • Structural building designer
  • Architecture master model
  • Final rendered model


An AECOsim certification from CADD Centre, which is one of the biggest brands on the globe, will greatly benefit candidate’s profile. The training is provided the industry experts and offers comprehensive training sessions that can help candidates excel in their career paths.

Job Prospects

The certified candidate of AECOsim who has completed the course and passed the examination can easily get an excellent job opportunity in the market.


Who should be aiming for the course?

The course is ideal for civil and structural design engineers working across the construction industry. The course is also open for anyone who wishes to learn the concepts of AECOsim.

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