AutoCAD for Architects and Civil Engineers

AutoCAD and AutoCAD Architecture are highly powerful design and documentation software solution that supports Building Information Modeling workflows. The application can be used in almost any civil engineering field to design and give details to any structural design.

  • The application is best to develop high-quality plans.
  • The software helps to better understand the project performance.
  • It is efficient to develop and retain more consistent data.

Course Objectives

The course aims to offer comprehensive knowledge about using the AutoCAD software and its features. The powerful course helps the individual to develop expert skills to generate excellent engineering designs. The course will also enhance their knowledge and improve their performance.

Role in the Industry

  • It is used to design and develop civil engineering drawings.
  • It gathers information to prepare and present reports on the projects.
  • It also manages and directs staffs at the project sites.

Course Highlights

The course comprises of a number of modules to help candidates master AutoCAD. Some of them are:

  • 2D Drafting
  • 3D Modeling and drafting
  • Productivity tools
  • The coordinate system
  • Object property tools
  • Block editor
  • View generation
  • Working with layouts and plot settings


CADD Centre is one of the biggest and reputed brands on the globe. Having a professional certification from such an organization will add value to the candidate’s profile. The experienced faculties and powerful course content offer powerful knowledge helping candidates to excel in their careers..

Job Prospects

AutoCAD is a software application that is widely used in several industries. Hence, having a certification will validate a candidate’s knowledge and skills opening immense job opportunities for in the industry.


Who should be aiming for the course?

The course is best suited for civil engineers and architects working in the civil engineering and architecture industry. Also, anyone who wishes to learn AutoCAD for civil engineering can get enrolled.

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