AutoCAD is a commercial software application which helps in drafting two and three-dimensional models with the help of computers. With its multiple in-constructed instruments and tools, AutoCAD helps the planners, specialists, and creators to work on drawings with a high level of accuracy and estimation.

Course Objectives

The AutoCAD course will provide a foundation knowledge to the candidates about the software. The course will teach the candidates about the use of software across multiple designs, architectural and engineering companies worldwide.

Role in the Industry

  • To quickly draft designs without making use of drawing instruments such as stencils
  • To develop plans of a site, sketch technical drawings, refine the concepts, and easily share the ideas
  • To precisely customize the drawings and templates
  • To collaborate with clients and colleagues through other software products that are compatible with Autodesk
  • To create, send and receive data file for easy collaboration with the clients and associates

Course Highlights

With the AutoCAD course at CADD Centre the students and professionals will master the concepts and techniques in the software with the following features:

  • Creation of 2D drawings
  • Layer administration
  • Dimensioning
  • Hatching
  • Using parametric limitations
  • Create and oversee sections
  • Blocks and attributes
  • Plotting


 CADD Centre’s course architect provides an in-depth understanding of job prospects, skills, and course of AutoCAD. The students can analyze the current position of the students and assist them with the resources required to master the course of AutoCAD.

Job Prospects

The demand for professionals with AutoCAD knowledge is high in the industry. An individual with a valid certificate in AutoCAD can enter in work stream across industries such as architecture, graphic designing, 3D printing, fashion industry, and industrial designing.


Who should be aiming for the course?

Any individual who works in the design and engineering sector or a fresher in any of the AutoCAD software.

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