MSP (Electrical) with PPM Concepts

Project Planning and Management consists of industry-specific software that is used in the field of Mechanical, Civil, or Electrical. It focuses on accomplishments of preliminary tasks such as initiating, executing, and controlling completing projects keep an estimate of the budget, schedule, and resources. Here, PPM Concepts + MSP is about proven program management good practices in a growing environment along with the application of program management in the field of electrical. The holistic approach ensures that all requirements of electrical design world are addressed.

Course Objectives

It is no wonder that electrical CADD focuses on carrying out efficient electrical designs. The course will ensure that the participants own skills to become CAD Engineers or designers. With PPM concepts, the course will cover project management tools and ideas to be planning engineers and project managers in future. Also, the participants of the course will develop a solution to mitigate risk, manage issues, control quality, and performance management in the electrical field.

The course ensures that the participant shall master in various software tools, concepts, and project management concepts to justify the role of electrical engineers.

Role in the Industry

Within the industries, the skills in PPM Concepts + MSP (Electrical) will support:

    • Maintenance of equipment and repair faulty conditions
    • Understand electrical drawings, blueprints, and electrical code specification
    • Management of electrical issues that is widely seen in the industries

Course Highlights

At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Develop good understanding of how manageable projects adjust to a program
  • Own working knowledge of the principals of program management in electrical field
  • Create a solution-oriented approach that mitigates risk, manage issues, and control quality
  • Define and draw an organizations program management theory in electrical
  • Grab sufficient knowledge to pass the PPM + MSP (Electrical) exam.


PPM Concepts + MSP (Electrical) course from CADD Centre will provide you the right knowledge and skills to acquire an excellent job opportunity. Course participants will take training under the industry experts who will share the practical knowledge and experiences that are indispensable. Apart from the course offerings, certificate and course completion by CADD Centre will open many opportunities at executive and management level.

Job Prospects

After obtaining the training, the participant can apply for various job positions such as Planning Electrical Engineer, Scheduler, Cost Estimator in Electrical Projects, Program Manager, and Project Manager.


Who should be aiming for the course?

The PPM concept + MSP (Electrical) course is ideal for students and professionals moving in the electrical field.


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