Civil CADD

Civil CADD comprises of various courses, which includes industry specific CAD software that are used by Civil Engineers for accomplishing preliminary tasks like drawing structures, designing, remodeling, streamlining of projects & evaluating multiple scenarios.

CAD software is used to aid in the designing, drafting and documentation, analysis, defining workflows, surveying and mapping of civil projects.

civil engineeringCivil Engineering:

Civil Engineering is the discipline which deals with designing, constructing, and maintaining the physical and naturally built environment like roads, bridges, canals, dams, and buildings by applying the concepts of mathematics, engineering, arts, science, and technology for designers.

It is the mother of various engineering studies like Architectural Designs, Building Design, Structural Designs, and Land Survey & Transportation Design.

civil engineering


Civil engineers with CAD skills are eligible to get employment in various sectors such as:


  • Government Departments
  • Infrastructure Companies
  • Construction Companies
  • Self-Employed Building Designers

CAD Courses at CADD CentreCAD Courses at CADD Centre:

CADD Centre is an authorized training centre which offers courses in various combinations and as a stand-alone basis for different software in Civil Engineering. We teach latest versions of world’s most popular software products for AutoCAD 2D, Micro station AutoCAD Civil 3D, MXRoad, Revit Architecture, Structural Analysis, Project Planning & Management.

After gaining the CAD skills, any civil engineers can easily find employment in government as well as private sectors thereby easily creating complex drawings and 2D & 3D renderings of structural components, including framework, foundations.


Courses offered at CADD CentreCourses offered at CADD Centre:

CADD Centre offers training on following courses for Civil Engineers

civil course

job titleJob Titles:

Jobs students can look for the following job opportunities:


  • Civil Engineer
  • Building Designer
  • Architectural Designer
  • Field Engineer
  • Construction Manager
  • Structural CAD Designer
  • Site Inspector
  • Supervisor
  • BIM Designer
  • RCC Detailer

certificationCertifications offered by CADD Centre:

CADD Centre offers following combinational course certifications for Civil Engineers:


  • Expert Programs
  • Master Diploma Programs
  • Proficient Programs
  • Diploma Programs
  • Essential Programs

Entry-level Salary

Up to Rs 2 lakh per annum (in India)

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