NX renders complete computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software solutions at the place of machine tool programming, processing, and machine simulation. The software’s advanced function has the capacity to maximize the returns on investment in the latest machine tool technology.

Course Objectives

The NX CAM course is intended for the user of NX CAM software who is interested in becoming more productive with the use of advanced customization techniques.

Role in the Industry

The software is adopted across many industries that deliver manufacturing capabilities in automotive, medical device, mold and die and machinery industries.

    • It helps in reducing NC programming and machine timing
    • It helps in production of better quality parts
    • It extends the use of manufacturing processes

Course Highlights

This course is designed to meet the expectation of students to transfer classroom learnings into productivity on the job. Upon the completion of this course, students will be able to add new cutting tools, part materials, and new machining methods with associated feed and speed to manufacture libraries. It covers:

  • Tool and machining data libraries
  • Accessing manufacturing wizards
  • Shop documentation
  • Feature-based manufacturing
  • Templates
  • Integrated verification and simulation
  • Tool path optimization
  • Automated NC code generation


This course of NX CAM developed and taught at CADD Centre, provides intimate knowledge of software’s developments and instructs the students based on the principles incorporated into the NX product suite.

Job Prospects

The one who is qualified for NX CAM course, he/she sets door open for lucrative job opportunities. The candidate after completion of This course can apply for a profile such as CNC Programmer, Manufacturing engineer CNC Programmer Specialist, CAM Automation Developer – TX.


Who should be aiming for the course?

Although, this course is designed to expedite aspirants about the learning experience on the subject, it is highly recommended for manufacturing engineers, NC programmers, CAD/CAM managers, CAM users, etc.

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