NX Nastran

NX NASTRAN or NASA Structural Analysis Program is a software developed for NASA engineers to help them perform structural analysis, which soon became popular in the production and manufacturing industry. This general purpose Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software offers simulation across multiple analysis types, such as linear and nonlinear stress, dynamics, and heat transfer. Precisely, this tool helps optimize the performance of existing designs and develop the unique product at a reduced cost.

Course Objectives

NX Nastran course is designed to provide students and professionals with the rudimentary knowledge of structural analysis. The trainees will learn linear and non-linear FEA, its applications and modeling techniques. Throughout this training, concepts are systematically introduced and reinforced to help trainees learn in a better way.

Role in the Industry

  • NX Nastran’s parallel calculation performance of linear static analysis and engine value analysis help minimize the physical testing cost of rocket engines.
  • It is a premium CAE tool which is used by manufacturers worldwide because of its critical engineering computations helps in design optimization.
  • It is an industry standard for computer-aided analysis of stress, vibration, structural failure/durability, heat transfer, noise/acoustics, and aeroelasticity, which makes it suitable for aerospace, defense, shipbuilding, automotive, and heavy machinery industries.

Course Highlights

This course contains elaborated modules to help you master the structural analysis skills of NX Nastran. These modules are given below:

  • Introduction to NX Nastran
  • Understand the fundamentals of Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
  • Static Sequence Solutions
  • Output Control
  • Constraints and Load Types
  • Linear and nonlinear analysis
  • Buckling Analysis
  • 1D, 2D and 3D Meshing
  • Assembly FEM


CADD Centre’s training team possesses the right knowledge and expertise that can help you learn the fundamental and advanced features NX Nastran with ease. Their expert guidance will help you master the NX Nastran software. More so, the industrial affiliation of CADD Centre will support you to get your dream job.

Job Prospects

Aviation and aerospace, automobile, computer software, construction, mechanical or industrial engineering, shipbuilding, and other manufacturing industries use NX Nastran or structural analysis. Therefore, with a certification in NX Nastran, you will be eligible to get employed in these industries.


Who should be aiming for the course?

This course is intended for engineering students, designers, FEA analysts who have a keen interest in structural design and linear static analysis.

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